When I was rapping and co running a record label we had it all! Huge fanbase, sponsors, deal offers and packed shows. But our downfall was our inability to implement a marketing plan to sell music. In other words we monitized our hype but not the product.

By not focusing on putting a price on something tangible we faded out of peoples minds as quickly as we faded out of their city to the next show. See people think “The Show” leaves a lasting impression but its the physical, the tangible, that which can be held and kept that means so much more.

The CD, Vinyl or T-Shirt is the relic that keeps people connected to you always. My first album didnt sell much but the ones who actually own a copy bought from me in 2002-03 to this day reminds me of what those songs mean to them.

Come up with smart and creative ideas. Give away freestyle mixtapes and sell the albums. Do a winter clear out sell of old merch of the year as your team prepare for the new years releases. Rehash old albums and tour shirts from years ago and sell at a special low low price. What ever you do just sell, sell, sell. Its the big difference between being part of a fans life or just a memory.


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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