A couple days ago a friend of mine came to me asking advise on how to make a show turnout better. His friend just released a mixtape and after a month of promo only had 30 people show up to his release show. It made me ask myself the question:  What happened to the local Hiphop scene?

I remember a time when (98-2010?) you can become famous in your city and be amongst peers who share the same success and love of the genre. I for one brought together a network of scenes in New York state years ago. My team was able to make money comfortably in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, Albany, Brooklyn  and yes even Toronto,ON Can!

This originally  was “the way” to get your career goin back then. It seems now the “Local scene” has been taken over by Battle Rap! Now I love Battle Rap and stress that its a very important element and EVERY MC should have a little skill in Battling but the sport has become the main focus of the show and not an element.

In this day and age Battling has become the “MMA” of rap encompassing all the elements of MCing including poetry. Now that sounds very “Ultimate” but not every MC is a Battler, and not every fan wants to see a battle.


First as an MC you must realize how important it is to be part of a local scene. It doesnt have to be your own!

Check out this article on sonicbids website and get back at me. Lets chop it up about ideas to get you back on stage RHYMING & PERFORMING!!!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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