First off I wanna say THANK YOU! To all my viewers and subscribers because ya’ll keep this alive. I know we’ve been inactive for a bit so I’ll let you know whats been happening and whats to come.

Over the past couple months I’ve been staying EXTRA Busy! I’ve released my 5th solo album and for the first time produced entirely by me! I’ve been working on production for others, working on licensing deals and another blog. As far as promotions and marketing I’ve been working on breaking into the “Business” of Battle Rap and skateboarding. Im also working on a few publishing deals which leads me to whats to come for IRAP……..

Soon IRAP will reimerge better than ever! You’ll still get the normal 4 elements of MCing but you’ll also be introduced the “Forgotten” aspects of MCing “Poetry!” also IRAP will be releasing 2 books! So stay tuned, Im working!




"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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