WHAT!?!? I always thought that Rap songs should have 3 verses: Beginning, Middle, End! All detailing a story or a argument. But over the years MCs have been shortening, or rather condensing their rhymes to get more to the point. An average Rap song minus the chorus comes out around 48 bars or three “16s”. These days as MCs are becoming more direct, refusing to argue or debate or even outshine on a beat with another Rapper  they’re dropping two 24 bar verses or just going full blast with 50 straight bars showcasing their lyrical ability to the fullest.  I’ve read before in a Will.Iam  article in Rolling Stone about the coming of shorter more condensed songs formatted for the consumer on the go! I didn’t believe it but I understood the science.  This was 5 years ago! Now here’s Hip Hop pioneer and Long Island MC “CHUCK D” of the Historically Controversial and Legendary “PUBLIC ENEMY” take on what he believes is the Ending of the 3rd Verse!!

Read/Hear the OGMC’s Theory here!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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