Its real hard to find a picture online of a rapper whose first album was called “Possibly the best album of the decade” when it came out!!  With a smash debut album and 2 chart topping singles you’d think Bronx MC Derrick Keyes A.K.A “NINE” would’ve skyrocketed to stardom in the 90s! That was so until his label folded after his highly anticipated second album. Some of you might not remember but to others, you remember NINE right? The MC who was born 9/9/69? Whose shoe size is 9? Who totes a 9? Whose lucky number is 9? His 1995 single “Whatcha Want!” is a classic but with his label Profile’s financial problems and people comparing him to MCs that actually sounds like HIM! As quickly as he exploded NINE quickly faded in the background. Here’s what he’s been up too!

………..and if you’re interested!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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