Harlem MC “Azealia Banks” has been causing quite a controversy of late with her attack on the music industry and another “Femcee” with a very similar name! But before that this former performing arts student would embark on a career in Hip Hop that would push the boundaries of innovation and creativity into the far reaches of left field. As different as her style is its not new, its actually more original than anything in Hip Hop today. Reminiscent of 90’s era house and new wave she sounds like an Afropunk clash of “Crystal Water”s and “Ya Kid K”. With that said she can actually spit, weaving multi syllabic sentences in double time.

After being dropped from Interscope for taking too much time “Finding herself” Banks gained mass appeal releasing musically heavy mixtapes and performing relentlessly. Her lack of respect for the “Industrial Plantation” which we call the music industry propels her to intelligently guerilla market her brand catering only to her fans and saying fuck the rest. Her spirit is aligned with that of Harriet Tubman, Angela Davis and Assata Shakur!

Back to her skills! She has a good singing voice which she uses very well but her knack for rapping over more up-tempo beats attest to her bravery as an MC. Not since the days of the great Queens, “Monie Love” Queen Latifah” and the great Kings “Big Daddy Kane, and “Rakim” has an MC dedicated their flow to the rhythmic pace of the dancer. MCs prefer to “make” music to dance to as oppose to letting the music “make” them.

Many have chastised her for her recent comments but her passion for saving Black music from the continued pillage should in fact be applauded. From the look of her work schedule and her youtube views she not only doesn’t need a major label but she also proves that any talent of any genre can be successful on their own and still say “FUCK DA MAN!” And she’s only 23! Who says this generation is dumb and stupid? GENIUS!!!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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