imageAlot of times I think, as many of us do, “When should I quit my day job? As an MC with the hopes of turning your hobby into a career everyone I know thinks that at one time or another, even if you “job” is in “outside sales” Its easy to say, ‘ok, I know people in this city, and that city and that city, and its gonna cost this much for gas, food and shelter so Im gonna have to make like, double that to make a profit so Ima charge this and sell this much!’

but if you’re supporting your hobbie with a steady job and working towards doing a 3-5 city tour is it really beneficial to sacrifice a $30K a year job for a couple racks, maybe what, 2-3 or 5? Then ‘what cha gon do’ when you come home? You gotta find a new job. Its even worse if you’re a hustler! you’ve got a couple of days worth of profit you missed, and hustling has a variable income. For all you know those days you were gone could’ve net you more than what you made on tour. Worse yet, what if you dont have a job and music is your only hustle?

I had a friend back in the day from Albany,NY that got a digital distribution deal. At that time digital distros, which are now common and more or less the standard was very new. He told me he still worked his full-time cause unlike a record deal, they don’t come with advances. He called himself a “Weekend Warrior” Instead of sacrificing his job and depleting his savings for a small “Flip!” He decided to build his rep taking weekend shows when they came since those were his days off. The goal is to build a trail of onnections and generate enough buzz to set up a full tour worth more than your annual gross at your job. Plus you can make more money taking the slow route cause for a $200 day trip you could go home with about a thousand! Take the time to build your rep, by the time you’re able to afford to do a full tour you’d risen your stock and the money would come to you! Then you could quit your job!


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