5). “ONYX”


Discovered by the late Great DJ JAM MASTER JAY “ONYX” burst on the scene as probably the  first HARDCORE Rap Group EVER!! Their Brash lyrics, Aggressive delivery and Wild stage antics compared them to the hardcore Metal Bands of the day instead the typical RAP GROUP. They were able to take topics like suicide, anger management, government and police corruption and armed robbery and turn them into certified ANTHEMS!!!!!



If you took KRS 0NE and Boogie Down Productions and clashed them with Public Enemy you’d get “DEAD PREZ” Throughout their 15+ year career “STIC.MAN & M1” have ventured beyond the talk of consciousness in Hip Hop and actually applied it to the streets. Whether throwing fruit in the crowd advocating nutrition, or teaching at workshops DEAD PREZ has made it a point to let us know it really is “BIGGER THAN HIP HOP” They were also discovered by another controversial MC, “LORD JAMAR” of……….



LORD JAMAR, SADAT X, GRAND PUBA, AND DJ ALAMO collectively known as “BRAND NUBIAN” formed in 1989 and released their first album “ONE FOR ALL” in 1990. During a time when “Pro Black-ness” was entering Hip Hop with fun loving acts like JUNGLE BROTHERS, DE LA SOUL AND A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, Brand Nubian took a very leftist approach to their music and chose to be as forward and controversial as they can be.  If they wasn’t talking about the usual, Poverty, Inequality and injustice they were rapping about socialism, revolution, calling white MCs “GUESTS” in Hip Hop and their own Homophobia. No mater how much they pushed the envelope they’ve managed to score Hits and solidify themselves as RAP ROYALTY!



Take a Politically conscious Radio show host, a Shock jock, a Black Militant leading a clan of heavily trained and disciplined soldiers, a DJ and two brothers obsessed with sampling and whadda ya get? PUBLIC ENEMY #1!!!!!! PE took the Black panthers motto and took it straight to the streets! During their reign MCS CHUCK D, & FLAVA FLAV became Hood superheros as they marched through America protected by the “S1W” and armed with the sounds of the people! They officially became the music for SPIKE LEE “JOINTS” as their sounds mirrored his visuals. What they did for the minds of the youth in America can only be compared to what they did for Hip Hop! After being sought out for YEARS by Record labels Chuck D became the 1st Underground MC with a cult following to be signed in his 30’s. After, They managed ICE CUBE, named BUSTA RHYMES, and inspired DEAD PREZ, and RZA.

1). “N.W.A”


The name “NIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDES!” says it all!!!!!! Years of Police brutality, Drugs, Violence, Social inequality, and racism all culminated in an explosion of harsh and brutal content when 4 MCs touched the mic in 1986! Arguably the most influential act of all time in RAP as far as a group and individually NWA was the true voice of the people, the hood!. The odd thing is that they were promoted by the same industry that exploited them, something that goes on to this day! Before there was “GANGSTA RAP” there was “REALITY RAP” a time when the hardcore thug and righteous one was the same man and spoke about life and its duality be it good, bad or ugly, that was NWA! Today RAPPERS are a hollow shell of what was. Today they’re all GANGSTA and no REALITY! perpetuating the IMAGE promoted by the industry instead of the underlying  message in the music.


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