LA OGMC “Ice MUTHAFUCKIN T” is back! Returning with his “BLACKMetal” band “BodyCount” For all you young MCs the Father of West Coast Gangsta Rap took a time out from Hip Hop and dived into the mosh pit of Rock & Heavy Metal creating the most controversial BLACK ROCK Band to date! It’s been years since their last release yet the song “Cop Killer” still haunts T till this day, and he’s been playing a cop for like, the past 10 years!! Now, after coming off the successful run of his documentary and book “The Art of RAP” profiling the importance yet decline of lyrical ability and substance in rap music and kicking Coco’s ass out the penthouse, ICE put the SAG card away laced up his chucks and threw the raiders cap on to tour once again and stack up the BODY COUNT!!!!!!!!!!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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