In celebration of “Women’s History Month” Billboard magazine posted an article about 31 female MC’s that changed Hip Hop! To me it looks like a list of ALL the females that ever picked up the mic! So what “irapblog” is gonna do is showcase our pick for “THE TOP 10 GREATEST FEMCEES OF ALL TIME!!!!”

“ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!!!!” Although not the first Femcee to release an album she was the first one to earn an RIAA certified plaque with her third album “Black Reign” and holds the record for most albums released by a female MC on a major label with 7 totaling over 10 million in sales!. Queen Latifah took what Mc Lyte did and ELEVATED IT! She was bigger, her voice was louder, her rhymes were harder and her messages were deep!! Before Lauryn Hill spit conscious raps “THE QUEEN” dropped singles like “Ladies first” and “U.N.I.T.Y” Before Nicki Manaj sang on records “THE QUEEN” was singing all her hooks and choruses! Before Eve was “Ruff rydin!” “THE QUEEN” was rappin on top of Ducati’s and dirt bikes. Before Missy Elliot & Timbaland had their record label “THE QUEEN” was discovering & producing major acts: Monica, Naughty by Nature, Ray Benzino, Groove Theory, Zhane, Monie love, Nikki D, and Donnell Jones! She was the first Female rapper to become an award winning actress and created and starred in numerous TV shows all while using her “Rap” name. Of all the Femcees on this list she is the most popular and have been successfully active in entertainment for 25 years! “ALL HAIL THE QUEEN DANA OWENS A.K.A. QUEEN LATIFAH!!!!”


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