lytemissy1In celebration of “Women’s History Month” Billboard magazine posted an article about 31 female MC’s that changed Hip Hop! To me it looks like a list of ALL the females that ever picked up a mic! So what “irapblog” is gonna do is showcase our pick for “THE TOP 10 GREATEST FEMCESS OF ALL TIME!!!!”


2a). MC LYTE!
Ask every “Femcee” on this list and they’ll tell you “MC LYTE” was their “MC” role model! Even our #1 will tell you Lyte is the Greatest! Never one to hold back Lana Moorer A.K.A. “MC LYTE” is the “RAKIM” of female Hip Hop! as she possess pure skill, from the voice all the way to the rhymes. The first female MC to release an album she’s been copied since 1988!

After writing successful hits for Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston Singer Songwriter, Producer and Dancer Missy Elliot decided to try her hand at Rap and with her chart topping skills and genius created her own style different from what was current then and before! With this Elliot end up becoming the highest selling female rapper of all time with over 30 million albums to date and holds the record for the only female MC to have SIX consecutive certified Platinum albums!!! Her style will not be duplicated for the next millennia! Not bad for a Singer turned Rapper!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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