Loaded Lux is the most praised MC in Battle rap. Whether you think he wins or loses all his Battles are worth watching just to hear his “Perfect” style. He’s said to have been the one to elevate Battle rap to its prominence today and MCs of all tax brackets quotes his famous line “YOU GON GET THIS WORK!”

But this isn’t about Lux skill, or his storied history, its about what Hollow Da Don said in his second round about Lux’s career as a “Street Merchant” Selling T-shirts and CDs in Harlem just to make a living. It was funny and a good angle but by no means is there anything wrong with that. In fact as an MC you SHOULD sell your merchandise in the streets.

The streets make or break you as an artist, and there’s no better way to get, and keep your face out there than being in the streets. Products can vary from t-shirts and CDs to tickets and flyers for your next show. Not only can it be the best way to promote new music but also a good way to maximize your profits by avoiding consignment deals and making your location exclusive for your merch.

But how much does he really make? How “Loaded” is Lux?
According to http://www.forbesnetworth.com Loaded Lux net worth $33,000! Since “Net worth” is Total Assets minus Total Liabilities lets break that down:

AVERAGE RENT IN HARLEM (Studio Apt)- $1,576.13.

FOOD (Depends on if he shops 1 man can live off of)-$400.

PHONE (Iphone?)-$100 (EST.).

CAR (Ford Fusion 2014?)- $159.


NY LIVING- $1,000.


$3,385.13 X 12 = $40,621.56 A Year In expenses.

$40,621.56 + $33,000 = $73,621.56 A Year in profit

Which means his “Merch” table generates up to 25K!!!!

So Lux possible earns and pay taxes on $73,621.56 a year.
Meaning he makes about $30.68 per hour. Its not a Mill but off of RAP? that’s a GOOD JOB!!!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics http://www.bls.gov/ooh/entertainment-and-sports/musicians-and-singers.htm The average Musician in America makes on average around $23.50 per hour, or $56,400 a year excluding record sales plaques.

So in reality Lux is doing pretty well. Better even than the average Musician!

Now how much it costs in funds and credit to start a career in music that’s another story.


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