JAY Z is a “MASTER FREESTYLER” For years we’ve wondered how can a man go into the booth and spit bars with such precision so effortlessly to the tune of 40 million albums sold and 16 platinum plaques without slipping. Many tried to duplicate his formula by freestyling songs and create straight TRASH! What they don’t know is the secret, the “X” or, “Z” factor. Its much more than just “goin in the booth and spittin”

In the book “How to RAP” It is said JAY Z is a master of flow who uses “rests” to provide structure to a verse and also uses “partial linking” or stretching past the normal 2 bar scheme creating a “run on” sentence to add more rhymes to his verse. In QD3’s “Art of 16 Bars” JAY breaks down the process of putting it all together without writing it down. He Says “I never write lyrics I just go in there and do it” He also adds “Its a little more than a freestyle cause I don’t just wing it. Its organized, so you can call it an ORGANIZED FREESTYLE” but its a little more to it than that. It has to do with first, a lot of mental training and preparation.

This process takes meditation, visualization and a lot of verbal practice. Checkout the full article on JAY Z’s personally guarded training regime, secrets and techniques he uses daily in his mental workout to MC Superiority here @ http://blackdoctor.org/375190/jay-z-health/


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