How Speedwriting Boosts Your Songwriting Skills

As an MC we MUST! realize that we ARE SONGWRITERS! It doesn’t matter the style of music you make a songwriter is what you are and as a songwriter you must perfect your craft using essential songwriting techniques. Gary Ewer over at http://www.TheEssentialSecretsofSongwritingBlog just posted this great technique for Speedwriting or what we MCs call “Writing on the Spot” Well worth the read!!!!

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting Blog

Speedwriting can help create a musical gem almost without you noticing.


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Singer-songwriter guitaristSpeedwriting is an important technique used especially by writers of words. It’s a common exercise to brainstorm an idea, and then write an essay or short story as quickly as possible, without stopping to correct, improve, or otherwise reword anything; the faster the better.

Why do authors do this? Its main benefit is that it forces the mind to work so quickly that there is no opportunity for self-doubt or self-criticism. And for many who create for a living, whether that’s with music or with words (or both, of course), quieting one’s inner critic is an important part of improving one’s creative abilities.

So if you’re looking for…

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