First off as a born and raised NY State MC I want to say that I was bored and appalled by the responses to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” single. For one I say JAY Z is the King of New York in Rap terms. Hell! He’s the King of Hip Hop! Anyone, who like I was a teenager in the 90’s remember when JAY Z and Dame Dash Revolutionized not only the music business with their savvy marketing campaigns and business models but Black business by not just employing numerous African Americans but launching &or boosting the careers of 9 Black Platinum plus Singers & MCs under his ROCKAFELLA brand. Not to mention He himself has broken every record in Hip hop and POP music, so if he doesn’t respond to the verse no one should. Also Papoose’s song was weak and unprovoked although very personal, but this is just facts followed by my opinion.

NOW! Last week I checked out a couple of singles that made me proud to be a NYMC! First was Troy Ave’s “NEW YORK CITY” feat. Raekwon and N.O.R.E. Aside from the cliché title I’m feelin this song a lot! Everything on this song screams NYC from the beat to the clothing, all the way down to the thick New Amsterdam accents! Troy ave is bringing back that 90’s era swag as only can be done by a New York cat. And it doesn’t hurt to get a helping hand from a couple of NY Vets!

Next is UM F.K.A. “UNCLE MURDA” song titled….whatayouknow!!!!! “NEW YORK CITY” This song features Vado and Waka Flacka Flame. “UM” definitely goes in on NY rappers for trying to sound “southern” and following trends instead of creating them like a NY MC should. Its been done before but its always refreshing to be “refreshed”. I’m always up to hear some new Uncle Murda, plus the retake of “FU-gee-la” by the Fugees was dope. But what got me was Waka Flacka “The Rapper who states he’s not an MC” representing his Queens NY heritage by spittin: “I’m from Q.U.E.E.N.S. Where niggas chasin cheese cakes like E Ness/My niggas aint playin games this aint recess/Wet T shirt contest leave ya team wet/” Ok bars, but just the fact that he decided to actually rap shows that although he’s a “Southern Rapper!” He was born an “NY MC”

Lastly New York’s apparently “favorite MC” Fabolous and his songs “Young OG” and “So NY” You cant go wrong with Fab, he is the Robert Horry of NY Hip Hop. He may not be as tight as he used to be but he’s staying consistent and his “Soul Tapes” are incredible. His wordplay is so simple that his metaphors fly right over your head and his “OG-esk” wisdom spews “Master Class” plus he still write chart topping songs and verses, all without a care of who’s claiming what imaginary title us listeners can think of. And that’s my point.

On Brooklyn MC, “O.C.” new album with Detroit Beatsmith Apollo Brown “Trophies” The intro is of a man talking about peoples quest for an inanimate object to symbolize their greatness or wealth from a particular act when the object has no power at all. Its the LOVE for it that holds that power. Trophies can be lost and titles can be taken but the love stays and when that’s gone “it” doesn’t even matter in your life anymore.

In closing, Fuck titles and trophies. If you want to be respected in this game and leave a lasting impression do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do!


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