When I think of performing the first thing that comes to mind is poetry. Poets by far have the best performance style. They don’t have “Hypemen” or a crew on stage with them. They don’t have a DJ or an accompanying band either. Sometimes they don’t even have a mic. Its just them and you, the audience. There’s no gimmicks in the poetic performance. Every emotion in your piece is (and should be) expressed on your face and your body’s disposition and hand gestures should move and touch the souls of the people. In the poetic performance you are the music and the words expressed through a physical being. This is what you should bring to your “Rap” show performance, that raw energy, that emotion and that spirit of poetry. You should be able to perform just as good without the music as with it. Just like a poet your performance is your money maker so your show needs to be on point. If you’re a performing MC (as all of us should be) take some time out of watching videos and check out some poetry slams. A great movie to watch is “SLAM” starring Saul Williams and Tyler Mane. A great weekly show to watch, now airing its new season is TV One’s “Verses and Flow” http://www.versesandflow.com GET CHA SHOW ON!!!!!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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