Who is your top 5 dead or alive? No really? We all think we know who “IS” the top 5 but lets be honest, stats don’t lie! But we all feel different about that. We all have “Our own” Top 5 that we think is the best. Well its just that, “YOUR OWN TOP 5” And everybody has them for different reasons. I thought about this while talking to one of my brothers about a new album and we came to the realization that we’ve been listening to this artist for a long ass time! Years, Decades even!!! That qualifies as a Top 5, So here are mine……………

Without going into the numerous albums and legendary status I started listening to “The Hip Hop Elvis” when I was 11 years old with his socially conscious platinum selling debut “2PACALYPSENOW” and since then I can’t function right if I don’t listen to at least one “Pac” song a day!

Years as a dedicated listener: 22yrs.

#2. NAS
“..and of course N.A.S. are the letters that spell” Everybody should have Nas in their top 5 period! I always said I was never a “Nas Fan” purely cause people thought I spit politically conscious, poetry and street tales similar to him plus with the NY accent and I didn’t like that cause Pac was my favorite. But I gotta admit Nas is FUCKING GENIUS!!!!!!!! He’s had his ups and his downs but when he comes he always come strong, put his money where his mouth is and let the music speak for it self. Nas is the Chairman Emeritus of this rap shit!! 11 of 12 Platinum and gold albums, singles, clothing and everything else you can imagine Nas has done it and he has the power, the money and the ability to do it whenever he wants.

Years as a dedicated listener: 19yrs

For some reason I can NEVER stop listening to Prodigy, not Mobb Deep but Prodigy!!! With him you never know what to expect. If he’s off we know he’s going through some shit but when he’s on! Its not to be missed, and I don’t!. Touted once as a future lyrical king “P” traded in technique for substance so his shit could stick more to your ribs. I probably could recite every Prodigy verse.

Years as a dedicated listener: 18yrs

#4. JAY Z
The number one MC in the world is a 43 year old freestyle expert/ex drug dealer and prodigy of the Legend, Big Daddy Kane now worth $460 million with 15 platinum selling studio albums….”NUFF SAID!!”

Years as a dedicated listener: 18yrs

Last but no least, myself and former alias “Xnow The Last MC”

Years as a dedicated listener: 33yrs


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