In this installment I want to talk to talk about Rock music and its roots in Hip Hop. First off I want to say Rap Music is the new Rock. Everything that Rock music was and all the changes that it went thru, it is now Rap! Now if you were to look on Wikipedia or something you might not find it as an origin of Hip hop music but all the qualities are present.

1) One of the fastest growing genres of music.
2) The OFFICIAL Rebel sound.
3) Fast livin, ( Drugs, sex, money)
4) LOUD!
5) Creates movements.

Hip Hop music or “RAP” and “ROCK” are the only two genres of music that share these traits. But people constantly try to pit these two in a war of superiority, probably because of their abilities to create movements. Both started with Black youths in inner cities so their origins are the same, its just that ROCK came out first. One could say what makes RAP more superior is the fact that it blends better with other genres where as ROCK stands alone. You can make a RAP version of any song but you can always make a ROCK version. But then some may say ROCK has the best comebacks, show attendance, and when done right “enhances” the live performance of RAP! Whether you pit them against each other or put combine them in one of their many Amalgam subgenres (Rapmetal, Rapcore, Rap Rock, Trip Hop, etc;) not only is ROCK a root of RAP its spirit will forever haunt RAP and Hip Hop culture.

BEST RAP/ROCK ACTS: (in no particular order)
Rage Against The Machine
Game Rebellion
Linkin Park
Beastie Boys
Body Count
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Kottonmouth Kings
Limp Bizkit
Tech N9ne
Papa Roach


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