Eminem is by far one of the best Lyrical MCs/Rappers EVER! Nothing more can be said of him except “Just listen to his Shit!” He was written off I remember years ago cause of course he’s White but he showed us that skills is what really mattered. His skill, to me is not just in his ability to rhyme but in his ability to combine the talent of every white MC into his own. Kids nowadays may credit him as “The Father of White MCs” but there were many before him.

His rise came just like J Cole’s. He happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right skills. And much like J Cole today, “Em” truly had to prove he belonged in this game. His steady grind in the late 90’s are now almost legendary, working on the Soundbombing projects with Rawkus Records, His collabs with (The only MC that can compete with him) Royce Da 5’9 and his involvement with “The Outsidas!” . His “Golden Pass” being signed by Dr.Dre opened a lot of doors but it was his skill that captivated people. I can compare Eminem to other White MCs, namely Slug of Atmosphere and Cage (in my opinion) But I also can compare him to other White MCs that I personally know and grinded with. What Tupac did was channel the soul of every Black man in America Dead or Alive to create his music and that realness and “relate ability” made him unique and EMINEM has had the ability to do the same thing by being a medium for what some of us don’t believe exist “Lower class White society” and nothing showed that more than his biopic “8 mile” and the music he made during and after that.

His music has entertained, at times angered us and made us think. But it also inspired many MCs of different races and gave them the courage to share their stories, triumphs and tragedies proving that Hip Hop is not just a “Black” thing but a cultural thing, the culture of the down trodden youth of America! With that said, I can now also compare him to John Lennon and/or Bob Marley! The Genius of Eminem? The ability to break down stereotypes and build Countertypes to challenge societies views through music!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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