Weeks ago I finally got a chance to listen to Prodigy & Alchemist “Albert Einstein” album and I wondered to myself, “What the hell is it about Prodigy that keeps me anticipating his every release?” For the past 13 years I’ve been a supporter of his solo career and a Mobb Deep fan 7 years before that for a total years of 20 years of hangin on to every line he spits!

There’s few acts that touch my soul, Tupac spoke how I feel, OC says what I think, Lil Brother rapped what I did, and Mobb Deep “Spit it how I lived!” “P” with his cold calculated flow was reminiscent of most street teens position in the 90s, “Young, Black and just don’t give a Fuck!” and why should? “There was a war goin on outside and no man was safe!” He was like a rap version of “O Dogg” from “Menace to Society” with the military mind state of a NY adolescent. Like a lyrical son of Kool G Rap, or a brother of Nas, P was a Queens Rap vet in the making but after 4 Mobb Deep albums it seemed his blade was getting dull.

The more his voice matured the less his rhymes did, until “Quiet Storm” P soon traded in his verbal street macabre in favor of the Mafioso style of speaking like a Don of Rap! We didn’t get the full scope until he released his classic 1st solo album “H.N.I.C” letting everyone know he was the “Head Nigga, In Charge!” Going back to Mobb Deep I don’t think his new direction sat well cause we were used to hearing him and Havoc go back & forth like two sides of a coin. “Hav” with his own Mafioso/Pimp style and “P” with his Lyrical Hitman steez was the perfect compliment and it worked. But how he was trying to evolve his character substituting substance for lyrics it just wasn’t meshing anymore and “The Infamous Mobb Deep Sound” was fading (More on that in my “Genius of Mobb Deep: Duos/Clicks & Crews edition”)

Before his prison sentence Prodigy let us know he can take another angle by spewing political rhetoric and apocalyptical paranoia on his multi global “HNIC2” but he assured us clearly it wasn’t about an angle it was purely how he felt at the time and if you wasn’t feeling it “FUCK you!” or you could pick up his Gangster ass collabo with honorary Mobb Deep member Alchemist “Return of the MAC!” Mac not as in pimp but MAC as in “RETURN OF THE MAC-10 BLASTIN!”

You see just like the machine gun he popularized years before Prodigy will keep coming, Project after project. The bullets may change but the gun keeps spittin!

Returning after his 3 year bid Prodigy is literally “Bigger & badder” HNIC3 & the EP are Great, Albert Einstein is phenomenal and Mobb Deep’s “Black Cocaine” got me waiting. With the current state of Hip Hop people are itching to get a fix of some good ol’ classic raw NY RAP! And with every 90s rapper trying to quench the thirst Prodigy has and will always be there with that 40oz of “St Ides” a notebook of Rhymes and a “Don’t give a Fuck” attitude! He is the personification of 90s Rap!

Throughout his 20+ year career prodigy’s nonchalant attitude shows you that it doesn’t matter if he has a hit record or not, have a deal, is in jail, at war, or if you like him at this particular time or not cause at the end of the day you’re gonna get these BARS!!!!! The Genius of Prodigy is……”He just don’t give a FUCK!”



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