Jay-Z is by far The Greatest Independent MC of all time! Year after year his deal making ability has produced millions of dollars and millions of opportunities for others to cash in on his success. Time after time his ability to market his “Product” has proven that Street Hustlers make the best businessmen!

For the “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album Jay-Z partnered up with Samsung to release the album via a Galaxy mobile app before the release. This deal had a double edged effect: Raise awareness of the Samsung Galaxy and of course promote Jay’s “Always anticipating” release.

In this day and age problems always arise with the release of an album for sale. With that said glitches in the technology prevented downloads and the album was leaked through file sharing and even YouTube. Even his own “Shawn Carter” channel (Where I heard the album ) was taken down. Critics began to think that this union was a failure! But once again bad or good, publicity is publicity!!!

Even if that did hurt the campaign, Jay-Z Rebooted it by wiping the dust off his twitter account in a Q&A the day before the official release boosting his retweets by 9000%!!!!!! Samsung’s twitter retweets were even up 21% and since the campaign with Jay their youtube account has gathered upwards of over 51 million views!!! Not to mention first week album sales are predicted to be as high as half a million (Gold)

In a nutshell Jay-Z has proven once again that with hard work, dedication, a good product and smart marketing, not supernatural forces anything is possible! Plan your work, Work your Plan, and most importantly Success by any means!!!!!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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