Did you go to SXSW this year?? me neither but I sure wish I had. There’s nothing more rewarding and informing than going to a music conference. These are the only times when entertainers of all genres and styles get together to discuss the changing of the guard. This is not no superstitious cult but a collection of underground and mainstream artists in the fields of music, technology and film getting together to talk and network and guess what? you’re invited! Every year at my record company it was a requirement for one of us to go to at least one conference. We’d all sit around to hear how many music vets we met, how much we’d learn about the new age of the industry and how many potential fans and contacts we were exposed to! To me the most important thing was to watch successful independent artists who were visiting last year now on the panels telling us about their success and how we can attain it! Here is a video from Tony Van Zeen Owner of http://www.discmakers.com and CD Baby at one of http://www.discmakers.com’s conference on how to sell more CDs.


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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