PERFORMANCE-How to tour without an agent.

miguel-tour-1The late Def Jux MC Camu Tao told me at one of his last shows to be a successful touring act you need a booking agent. You need someone whose only job is to get gigs. Someone who gets gigs regardless of the outcome not taking into concideration your fanbase or extra earnings potential. Someone who books dates. The problem is most of us dont have money in our budget to pay someone to just book dates. We have to do most if not all of that stuff on our own. In 2005 As VP of DeepThinka Records LLC in Buffalo, NY I helped put together a 42 city tour using nothing but the contacts we had in our database. At the time a lot of members of the Label were heavily into the local college scene and the non locals who left for home after school stayed in touch to support the movement. Some lived as far away as out west. Others were MCs from neighboring cities like Albany, Rochester and Syracuse and close out of state like Cleveland and Columbus OH. Some were people we met on MySpace and Sound Click who were fans of music similar to ours. We simply linked up with a friend and fellow artist that moved out to California who was “making some moves” there, and basically traded shows with MCs through out the states who was in close cities, nothing too far apart. We had two teams: One that went out on the road and the other that stayed home. The home team reached out and sent free music and merch to “people of interest” in the cities we were likely to stop at like club owners, promoters, DJs, and other radio personnel and most importantly the fans we were getting from MySpace. The fans we’d recruit for our tour/street teams by offering them incentives for bringing their friends to the show. At home we also had enough “Pull” in the city that we were setting up shows to trade with. It was tough but the plan was simple and it worked…to a degree but that’s a wholenother can of shit!!! but heres some advice on setting up your own tour from and Instrumental band I’ve been checking out called “MARBIN”…………….part 1….. ……..part 2…… part 3……


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