Theres many different categories an MC can fall under. You have gangster, party style, politically conscious, battler, lover and introspective. To me every MC is introspective. If introspection means the self examination of ones concious thoughts and feelings then yes that to me means we’re all introspective. Rap basically is the art of an MC expressing their thoughts and feelings through words to music. If all you do is chase love (or lust) and rap about it thats an introspection of you as an MC. You manifest whats in your mind into reality and then to paper in a rhyme. We as people have a tendency to categorize things and people to make it all more understandable. We never realize it only makes things not only more complicated but it creates divisions and with that comes many different prejudices, philosophies and beliefs. In reality its all the same. As funny as this may sound In our own uniqueness we’re all the same. In rap music or hiphop music we all do the same thing, and we all rap about the same basic thing, our lives. What separates our rhymes and/or style are: our era, dialect, knowledge,& residence. This may be enough to create categories but we all provide an introspective of our personal lives and situations, even stories that may be based of situations we’ve been apart of or seen. In all realness we rap about our lives, unless you’re fake!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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