I decided to write this in dedication to all the underground labels that was so popular in the late 90s. Rawkus, Rhymesayers, and the like. They did what was needed, they brought out all the hidden talent trapped “underground” in America. Not only that but they gave hope to all us young MCs who wanted to rap and be famous, but not like the crap we were seeing on TV.

Now with the huge shift in power these past couple of years the hierarchy of underground, independent, and major are no more. You’re either Independent or you’re not. Either you’re on or you’re not! Simple as that.

Remember after like 05, 06 the “underground” started to decrease? Majors started merging, some folded. “Independents” became the new majors with every one becoming “Music Groups” merging the indies and the “Underground labels” closed doors.

A lot of those “Underground” labels were really rich kid projects that ended when the market changed and became just another tax write off. But what was to them a project, to the artists it was their livelihoods !

Now we’ve seen a lot (Too many to name) whose fame and popularity earned them so called major label deals (far too late) but with what was going on and their refusal to conform their livelihoods again were threatened.

Then we have artists like “El-P” and “Odisee” who said fuck this if we cant get it we’ll take it and took the indie route to start their own record labels, “Definitive Jux” and “Mello Music Group” releasing countless music and touring like hell! They’re not waiting for someone to give them money cause they’re “Nice” and they’re not waiting for the majors to get it right. They’re doing it their way, on their own and YOU SHOULD TOO!!!!

http://www.definitivejux.tumblr.com http://www.mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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