One of the ways to get paid as an independent MC is to get a sponsor or some sponsorships from businesses. Many many years ago sponsorships were frowned upon in the hiphop community. Artists who garnered sponsorships were deemed “Sellouts” What people learned later on was that album sales would soon decrease and sponsors would open doors for more shows and merch.

I personally feel that not being able to provide for your family doing something that you love because of “personal feelings” is “Selling out!” A sponsor should be a company that you already do business with as a shopper. If you use a product you should look to them for sponsorship. Why not? You spend countless amounts of money with them, they might as well spend it with you!

But first this is how it works! Businesses are always trying to expand their brand and awareness and they do most of this through advertising. But a lot of times regular advertising can be very expensive.

Now you’re an MC who’s amassed a nice size following and either plan to do a large show, a series of hiphop events, or a tour. You have a lil money, but all you need is that professionalism and extra cash to really fulfill the needs of your project! Sponsorship!!!

The best way to get it is to start small and locally. write out everything your event(s) entails and present it to a bunch of businesses you currently frequent. Tell them you’re expecting a certain amount of people to attend and have designated times when the emcee will shout them out. Also tell them you’ll be handing out any paraphernalia they give you be it flyers, menus etc.; If you buy radio or TV air time for advertisement let them know they’ll be mentioned and put on your flyer.

Now I wouldn’t suggest out right asking for money. If you’re just getting yourself known and new to this venture do it all for free. Businesses are gonna look at you like: “Ok you’re a wannabe “Rapper” with no experience looking for money” Doing it free maybe a couple of times builds trust and proof of what you really can do not hearsay. If you’re good at putting together a show and bringing people in you have proof that can be documented and used to get money.

once you have a few events you’ve worked and can put together numbers you can go out for larger sponsorships


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