I want to start off by saying I’m a fan of “Mello Music Group” You know Kev Brown, Odisee, Apollo Brown and all. I promoted a couple of shows for them in my home town years ago and became a fan instantly.

Like many of us “Underground-ers” from back then, some are nowhere to be found so it was a gem for me when after purchasing my “Muve Music” phone from cricket last year that one of muve music featured artists was ‘Odisee”
I was able to download (for Free!) his new album and music from his (what was new to me) “Mello Music Group”

They now move like 5 digit thousands of downloads every release!

After that I was like, Genius!!! I gots ta find out how they did that. After research I came across the “Google Play” app which is now where I get all my music from for my phone. the old way of digitally distrubuting your album is over. Nobody wants to sit at a laptop or PC and download mediafire, flash and all that. Now its all about the phone, and if I cant play it on my “cheap” Android I aint gettin it!

I like to keep my posts short so If you’re an Indie MC try getting an account with google play. If you have non cleared sampled work I’d suggest selling your music for free, If original you can set your own price and get up to 70% of the profits and you GET PAID MONTHLY!!!!!!

Come to the future. Everybody has a smartphone so by connecting on that platform your music can get out to millions of people everyday! All you want is a couple thousand!



"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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