Yo, for about 2yrs now I’ve been acquiring bout insurance for musicians and found some good info.

Apparently musicians neglect the fact or have lack of knowledge when it comes to being medically insured. Somewhere around 65-70% of independent musicians are not insured.

This leads to questions like: what happens if you fall off a stage & break a leg? What if you get sick on the road or have to get rushed to the hospital at 3 in the morning in the middle of west bubblefuk? And God forbids, what if you lose your voice or hands? I know we talk alot about protecting your songs but what about our health?

If you’re an MC and this is your only source of income I suggest getting musicians insurance. To a certain degree you can even be offered life insurance and the ability to write it all off on your taxes come January.

For more info do your homework or visit


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