You can get paid Big Battling!!

Smack/URL’s “Summer madness 2” last month was perhaps the biggest underground MC Battle event in history. What I learned from watching those battles was that cats were making 15-20K a battle!

Battle rap legends Iron Solomon & Murda Mook, which was the main event both got 20 Gs to battle each other. In the battle I posted earlier T-Rex won 10Gs from Diddy for one round alone.

Battle Rapping has come along way since the glory days of scribble jam. Trophies and Record contracts are out, Racks & Sponsors are in.

In a time where everybody rapping and records aren’t selling alot of hungry MCs are making a career in the battle scene, a very competitive arena where your skills are tested and your blades sharpen.

Everyday leagues are popping up all around the country and the world shelling out hundreds and thousands of dollars for 3 of your best verses.

I advise every practicing MC to try a battle if not watch for the entertainment and skillery but know if your career isn’t doing so good you can always take your frustration out (lyrically) on someone and get a stack. Just ask New Jersey MC “O-Red” who said in a recent battle that he bought his moms a house off the battle shit!!


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