Irapblog’s top 5 services for MCs
YouTube is great for uploading video content. Videos can be played on any device and with the use of “tags” you can link your vid to more popular videos to maximize visibility & exposure. Plus! If you’re uploading original content you can partner up with youtube’s ad department and get paid for your views!
I just got wind of allstar and it seems they specialize in “buying fans!” Which could benefit by increasing your numbers which is good when your looking for sponsorship & endorsements. Their programs range from YouTube views to twitter followers.
Fancorps (fan-core) starting out as a website to organize online street teams has become a large marketing/branding company working with the likes of lady gaga, 7-eleven and auther Dean Koontz.
Hands down there is no other website that offers social networking, pay per ad opportunities, and local/regional show booking. Reverb combines all these other sites plus integration with EVERY social network.
US! We’re the only website dedicated to the art of MCing and the knowledge and progression of the “MC”


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