THE MC’S TOOLBOX: The 14 essential things every MC needs.

Most of us think that all you need is a good flow, lyrics & beats and thats it, you could be a rapper! But theres more to it than that. You need to be fully prepared for what the business of music entails. Heres a list of things to keep in your toolbox when “goin to work!”

DBA (Doing Business As):
A DBA is basically a license stating that you are doing business under “this name” and consider you as a business entity. This can separate “you” from your rap alias. It can be picked up at Your local county clerks office.

EIN (Electronic Identification Number):
An EIN is like a social security number for your rap name or alias. This can help if you have bad or no credit. By getting an EIN you can establish credit history without putting “yourself” at risk.

Being an MC or a professional musician in general is expensive and when starting out you won’t have that “major backing” so you’ll need to finance your career yourself.

Always have a budget. You can’t go far if your not fiscally responsible. Budgeting allows you plan your work and effectively work your plan.

5 year minimum, know what you want, what you want to do and where you want to go. If you don’t know one will.

Get a computer. Desktop, PC, iMAC it doesn’t matter. Most of the world is trapped in cyberspace. With social networks popping up everywhere you need to have a finger on the pulse. Stay connected.

The musicians best friend! Never neglect the relationship with a DJ. They have the power to make you or break you, and if they break you your career is over before it starts. Find a good well connected and active DJ and keep them close.

Get beats or make them yourself!

Get yo “ASCAP” or get yo “Ass Capped” as my friends and I used to say. Publishing is the life blood of every musician. Publishing is your soul, heart and intellectual rights that can get you paid for life. Protect it and guard it with your life.

Capture everything!

Trust me, its hard trying to book your own shows. Get an agent! This way your guaranteed to get paid gigs.

Getting shows mean nothing if you can’t get to them on your own.

The days of getting a bunch of people and “street sniping” and passing out flyers is practically over. Align with a couple services online to help get the word out.

Civil suits, criminal, copyright infringements, and breeches of contracts? Hey! You neeever know!!

Have all these things and you’ll be well prepared!


"You Nice? Let me Hear something!"

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