How to make money as an MC

How to make money as an MC

Now you might not make stacks like this but here are some ways to generate cashflow. First as an MC you need to come to terms with the fact that you’re a “Musician” and as a musician you get paid in the busines of ‘Entertainment”
First you need to file a DBA(Doing Business As)
Get a tax ID# and File as a musician under Entertainment. These things you should do even if you are on or planning to sign to or own a record label. Next (and most Important) sign with a Publishing company, be it: ASCAP, BMI,or SESAC. Every time you write or perform a song you should get paid for it.

Now I know you may know this but alot of yous dont, so here is what an actual “MC” does:

1). Records Hit records.

2). Tour and Perform.

3). Battle rap (to some degree)

4). Produce other acts or music.

5). Start a product line like clothing, liquor (Hey! its been done)

6). Hosting/Dj events or on radio.

7). Lead and advance their local scene.



Mechanical: Royalties generated through the licensed reproduction of recordings of your  songs either physical or digital.

PRO: Royalties generated when your song is played on TV, Radio, club etc;

Synch: Royalties paid when music lis licsened ot to video games, internet, commercials


Songwriting and beatmaking.

Jingle writing for radio stations and local businesses


Shows and tour performances

Event hosting and party DJing

Battle Rapping

Youtube views


Album sales (Retail, Digital)

Record label advancements and support

Saleried employment



Fan funding

Writing contests

Book writing

Sponsorships and Endorsements


Battle Rap Betting

Ad revenue from partnering with other websites


Grants. From foundations, state or federal agencies.

Starting a Record company.


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